COP-26: « Our collective resistance to defend our ancestral territories is part of an urgent and necessary proposal by indigenous peoples that aligns with our call to protect at least 80% of the Amazon rainforest before 2025. » – The time is now to « Exit Amazon Oil & Gas » – and other extractive industries!

Many thanks to Barbara Crane Navarro for her periodicals in defense of the Amazon and all areas that are subject to indiscriminate human predation. Oops our thanks, we can only let you know, by reblogging this to create more awareness. Total regards.

Barbara Crane Navarro

Indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest

Indigenous leaders from across the Amazon passed a resolution toprotect 80% of the rainforest by 2025at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September, 2021. Now at COP-26 they continue to call on global governments, corporations and financial firms to end financing for extractive industries in the Amazon region.

«The fossil fuel industry has spent decades denying and delaying real action on the climate crisis, which is why this is such a huge problem. Their influence is one of the biggest reasons why 25 years of UN climate talks have not led to real cuts in global emissions.»

  • Global Witness

Of the approximately 40,000 people attending COP-26, the Brazilian government has the biggest official team of negotiators with 479 delegates, according to the UN.

Global Witness counted 503 delegates and lobbyists with links to fossil fuel interests who were accredited for COP-26. Therefore…

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