Wondering what lavender incense is good for? We'll look at the spiritual benefits of lavender in this article.

The use of incense is very old and always has the same purpose: to raise the energy of people and environments.

Burning the herb releases certain properties of the herb into the air, which are felt by the people in the room, thus favoring the energetic cleansing or balancing of forces .

Therefore, there are many types of incense on the market with their fragrances coming from herbs and their uses, in other words, to harmonize, pacify, balance, there are many benefits of incense, even better when we can make a smoke with the herb and charcoal.

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What is lavender incense used for?

Lavender incense is associated with relaxation, tranquillity, luck, calming down and pacifying the mind.

When we light lavender incense, we are releasing the plant's properties into the air, which are absorbed by us and promote a sense of peace and tranquillity from the inside out.

Sometimes the peace is so great that we can be certain about certain things in our lives, we remove the fear of taking action and attract good luck.

The only precaution we need to take is to buy quality incense, as the smell of the smoke affects our emotional and psychological state, have incense that makes people angry and very agitated.

Yes, smell arouses emotions and feelings in us, which generate attitudes or thoughts in imbalance, which is why it's important to buy quality products.

Buy a quality incense stick and light it. You can be sure that its spiritual benefits will begin to act on your body and soul immediately.

If you still have doubts about what this incense can do, read on. We'll talk about all the spiritual benefits of this miraculous incense.

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11 Spiritual benefits of lighting lavender incense

There is a holistic healing treatment known as aroma therapy that uses smells to heal people, especially spiritual healings.

Undoubtedly, there are some smells that we call affective memory, which reminds us of something or someone from the past, and this experience can be good or bad, depending on what you experienced.

That said, you need to know if he smell of lavender is good for you or not, whether it calms you down or makes you agitated, and you'll only know that by using it.

1. promotes calm

Lavender enters our body and mind as a calming agent It can be used in moments of great anxiety, anger or stress.

I always recommend lighting this incense when people are tense and nervous about something, so if you've been nervous and don't know how to calm down, you can simply call on the powers of this incense.

2. tranquility

The smell of lavender incense brings a certain tranquillity to the environment and to people Sometimes you can even touch it.

This tranquillity will be transmitted to all the places where the incense smoke reaches, and it will also positively affect all the people who pass by, so those who visit your home, for example, will also benefit from this tranquillity.

3. relaxation

If you meditate, the best incense to use while meditating is lavender, because it relaxes both the muscles and the mind .

It's excellent for those who are very tense, nervous and don't know how to calm down. Just light some incense and make the most of its benefits!

4. a feeling of freshness in the mind

I'll try to express this sensation, it's very similar to the feeling of stepping into a waterfall on a hot day, or washing your head at home with cold water, this is the sensation that lavender can promote.

5. harmonization

There is no doubt that this incense promotes the harmonization of people and environments It's also great for people because it calms, reassures and relieves pressure, and for the environment because the aroma is very good and dispels negative energies.

6. balance

Lavender is a balancing herb This is the essence of the verb to balance, so when we use fire to release this verb and power, everything and everyone finds its balance.

You can balance your life, your mind and your body with this incense. It's simple to make, but it will greatly improve your mental, personal, professional and even physical balance.

7. good luck

Good luck here is not the direct responsibility of lavender, but indirectly Once you feel better, more balanced, harmonized with your energies and positive, you end up attracting good luck.

What's more, you'll end up attracting more good things into your life. Everything will improve, because lavender only has spiritual benefits that are good for the body and soul.

So, I recommend you light some incense and give it a try. You can be sure that you'll start feeling good from the first use.

8. physical and mental rest

It's very common to light a lavender incense stick before going to sleep because it calms the body and mind We usually light it when we get home from work, in order to cleanse our bodies and minds of all the evil, stress, negative energies and tiredness that we bring with us.

As such, this incense promotes incredible physical, mental and spiritual rest and relaxation. You'll quickly realize this when you light one.

9. helps combat problems

With all these spiritual benefits, it's quite clear that this incense will help us combat life's problems. It will help us to calm down and have more strength patience and thoughtfulness when solving a problem.

You can and should light this incense when you have problems, as its spiritual benefits will help you solve them in the best possible way.

10. cleanses bad energies

This tenth benefit is one of the best, I shouldn't have left it until last! This incense is capable of cleansing and driving away bad energies from a certain environment and person.

So if you light it in your home, you'll have a cleansing of negative energies in the house, but also in the people who live in it It's not just you who enjoys the spiritual benefits of incense, it's everyone who lives in this house.

11. drives away bad thoughts

Do you have a head full of negative thoughts? Now that you know what lavender incense is good for, you can solve that quickly!

Light it, relax and enjoy, as the bad thoughts will simply disappear from your head. Just enjoy, relax and let this incense do its work in your life.

It's very simple, quick and practical, so be sure to light this incense and make the most of all its spiritual benefits!

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How to light lavender incense?

This incense should only be used at times where we seek relaxation of body and soul at the end of the day, when we're home and want to get a good night's sleep.

Use a censer for this, as the incense needs to be tilted or upright to burn to the end.

Another great thing to do while the incense is burning is to releasing its invigorating scent throughout the house, is listening to good music Understand that this should be a time to relax and strengthen yourself.

There is no word of command or direction here. Just try to empty your head, so that this is a moment of total relaxation from everything .

Take a deep breath and work on your breathing so that you feel better and better and let the scent and properties of lavender do the rest.

In fact, that's all you need to do. Simply light the incense, clear your head and slowly inhale the smoke spreading throughout the room.

Make the most of this time to gain strength, courage and determination, and to forget your problems and gain the strength to face life. Just relax!


Incensing the house is very good in every way, because while we are incensing the house, we are also incensing ourselves,

Not all scents are to everyone's taste, and there are some that can make you and the people in the room more agitated and restless.

Although lavender is a good filler for most people, it may not be so good for you, and here the idea is to make the good energies circulate and form an energetic protection.

If you don't like lavender, you can use another herb instead, such as rosemary, lavender, myrrh in stone or herb, in short, there are many types of incense and surely one will please you.

Smoking with herbs is very old and widely used by different peoples and cultures, all with the same purpose, replenish energies, cleanse environments, ward off bad energies, attract good energies .

Whenever you can, smoke your house or light incense to improve the energetic vibration of your home and yourself, the best smoke is when we use charcoal and grass, but if the incense is of good quality it will have the same effect.

Last but not least, we have an excellent video that talks about the best incense sticks. So, if you're in doubt about which one you should use, I highly recommend watching the video below:

I'm sure I've cleared up all your doubts, but if there's anything else you'd like to know, just leave a comment below.

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