We know that the eagle is a symbol of strength and courage in many cultures, but what is the he meaning of the eagle in Umbanda spirituality, what does it represent?

For its beauty, sovereignty and grandeur she is considered the "queen of the skies and the birds" and symbolizes freedom, agility, nobility, majesty and resilience.

This is why the eagle plays such an important role in other cultures: for the Celts it symbolizes renewal and rebirth, for the Greeks it symbolizes Zeus (the most powerful of the gods) and for the Egyptians it represents eternal life.

In fact, it's good to say that the eagle is associated with motivation, increased self-esteem and confidence, through analogies based on their capacity for renewal.

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What is the spiritual significance of the eagle?

The eagle is considered a divine messenger For Christians, the eagle represents the power of God.

Many cultures use the eagle as a symbol of power on their coats of arms, seals, clothing or as a way of decorating a home or space.

For example, for Native Americans, when an eagle approaches you, even in a dream, means that your consciousness will be expanded and you will get answers to questions such as: what did I come here to do on earth? ?

The symbolism of the eagle

The eagle represents, courage, patience, strength, wisdom, transformations and changes in life, this bird inspires us with courage and the desire to overcome our own limits.

As well as peace, enlightenment, determination, confidence and resilience, Another message from the eagle is to adapt quickly to change, or you will become a victim of the situation.

Does an eagle represent good luck?

Yes, dreaming about or seeing an eagle is a sign of luck! At the very least, it indicates that some changes are about to take place and that you need to move in the right direction.

Its beauty inspires peace and courage in everyone, which in itself is a sign of good luck.

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What does the eagle represent in Umbanda?

In Umbanda we don't worship the eagle or any other animal, but because we have a certain involvement with the Shamans in their healing processes we can say that the The eagle represents healing, the power of the spirit and of creation.

They are messengers from heaven, bringing peace, understanding, the strength to transform situations or people, the motivation to move on and start again whenever necessary.

People who carry the eagle as their protective guide, are and are very connected to the spiritual world without losing their connection with the material world, managing to move between these two worlds without becoming emotionally unbalanced.

Meaning of the eagle in Shamanism

For the Shaman who has an eagle as a power animal hold courage, strength, enlightenment of the spirit, healing, knowledge of magic, wisdom, the ability to see the spiritual truths that are hidden.

In addition to the great connection they have with their spirit guides, balance, dignity, a spirit with a great intuitive and creative capacity and who obtains his knowledge, which is not limited to hard work.

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5 spiritual messages that eagles can transmit

Messenger of peace and strength, the eagle can also bring us some spiritual messages regarding our behavior in the face of problems or difficult situations.

So let's take a look at some of these messages. Believe me, they're very interesting for your life!

1. eagle vision

You need a broader view of life to make better and more accurate decisions That's why when we say have an eagle's eye view we're referring to seeing the situation from all angles and not magnifying it, because from up there everything gets smaller.

2. freedom

Let go of your fears An eagle spends most of its time soaring high above the ground, fearing nothing. It asks that we have the same willingness to let go of what binds us to problems or people.

3. transformation

When an eagle gets older, its feathers are so dirty and stiff that they close in on its chest. Its beak has weakened and so have its nails; it needs to make a decision, either leave everything as it is and die, or start the transformation.

She then starts with the beak, beats it against a rock until it breaks and waits for a new one to be born. As soon as the beak is born, she starts pulling out its nails one by one, and as soon as the nails are born, she removes the feathers that are already too dirty and making life difficult.

Let's be like the eagle, transformation may hurt, and sometimes a lot, but it is always necessary.

4. courage

Have the courage to change! Change everything that isn't going well in your life and it doesn't matter at what point in your life it is. From home, from work, from relationships, don't accept what you don't like out of cowardice.

5. patience

Staying patient often wins the game.

When we develop patience, we are able to calmly find solutions to issues that concern us; staying calm is not accepting what we no longer want, it's more about waiting for the right moment to make the change you need.


The eagle is certainly a wonderful bird that commands respect and authority without losing its beauty and majesty.

To act like an eagle is to act with wisdom, patience, determination and a lot of courage to face life's problems, which in some cases are not few.

Therefore, if you have the eagle as your power animal, you will should get more involved in creation, develop and use their skills, search for true emotions.

For you, this reservation is much more than you thought it would be, believe and trust.

As you have seen, water has a very strong and interesting meaning in spirituality and in Umbanda. It is a strong animal with incredible courage. It never gives up, prefers to suffer and transform itself, because in the end it is always worth it.

So be like the eagle, don't be afraid to transform yourself and suffer a little so that things will be better later. It may be complicated, but it's the right way to go.

The flight of an eagle is beautiful to watch, this animal is imposing in any situation, no wonder many use it as a symbol the image of the eagle to indicate strength, intelligence, courage and persistence.

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