Today I'm going to talk about how to balance the unbalanced numeral chakra This chakra is a very important energy center for us, so it's essential to keep it harmonized. So if you want to learn how to do this, keep reading below.

This is a chakra that isn't located in the spine like the others we know, and which we've been talking about throughout these articles.

The humerus, as its name implies, is located on the back and has a direct connection to the humerus, which in turn is located at the level of the left shoulder blade, which we could say is between and above the left lung.

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The composition of the Umeral Chakra

This chakra is made up of two helices or petals These rotate clockwise when they capture energies such as those of incorporation, for example, and anti-clockwise when disincorporation takes place.

Although this is a fundamental chakra for psychographic mediumship, it is very little known or talked about.

If you pay attention, it is not listed among the best-known chakras, which are in the spine, because it is considered a secondary chakra.

In fact, few people develop this chakra and keep it balanced, since it's hardly talked about, but it's very important for mediumship.

In Umbanda there are transport mediums, I believe I've talked about them at another time, but just to remind you, these mediums incorporate suffering spirits who are mostly unaware that they are disincarnate.

That's why incorporation is necessary for them to receive a and thus receive some of the medium's ectoplasm, and the connection with these spirits is made from this chakra.

In other words, the medium places his or her hand on the chakra of the person who is with the sufferer, to facilitate connection and transportation, and through this contact establishes the incorporation.

Much still needs to be said about this important energy center, mainly because it is a direct contact with spirituality.

We know that the other chakras are also important in the general process of functioning, but this one, the humeral is known as the chakra of mediumship.

However, other chakras such as the laryngeal are also responsible for mediumship, as we saw in the article on this chakra! However, his mediumship is spoken, not embodied, which in the end will be the same.

Do you realize that everyone is interconnected and one needs the other in order for everyone to function in a balanced way?

What is the Umeral Chakra?

He is directly responsible for the mediumship of incorporation and transportation of suffering spirits. Some people say that its shape is that of a lemniscata (the symbol of infinity, i.e. a lying eight), while for the ancients they were the wings of enlightened beings.

Its color varies, but the predominant colors are blue and green, which can fluctuate according to the energy being captured, when it's balanced, it's blue, while when it's out of balance, it's yellow.

But it all depends on the energy it is receiving at that moment, so we couldn't say that it vibrates only one color in particular.

Where it is located

This chakra is located on the left side of the back above or very close to the left shoulder blade, between and over the left lung.

Unlike the other chakras, it's not in the spine, but that doesn't mean it's not important in our lives. In fact, it's one of the most important in mediumship!

Tingling in the Humeral Chakra

When pain or tingling occurs in this chakra, a movement of energy is taking place This is if we rule out physical problems, such as pain from over-exercising or being overweight.

So, discarding these physical possibilities, we can say that there is an energetic movement in that chakra!

This movement can be good or not. Although this chakra is capable of transmuting energies and turning them into good ones.

Its importance in our lives

As I've said in all the other articles about chakras, there is no one thing that is more important or that needs to be more taken care of and/or observed. Everyone has a role to play in the end result, which is the balance of vital energy.

However, this chakra is a center of internal reconnection, because it is through it that energies connect! We could say that this center is an energy generator because it balances the positive and negative energies that are in excess.

So, while the other chakras need external procedures to balance them, this one balances itself. However, this doesn't mean that we can give up caring for it.

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How do I know if I have unbalanced Umeral Chakra?

An imbalance in this chakra can lead to back pain at the top or a little towards the center of the back.

For incorporation mediums, the imbalance can hinder incorporation in your mediumship work.

But in general and for everyone, imbalance can cause an energetic imbalance, as an erroneous perception of the quality of energies received by people or environments.

Our communication with the spirit world is impaired and we find things that were once simple difficult, there can be some mental confusion about faith and belief.

But the main loss is related to with the incorporation that becomes very difficult or simply doesn't happen.

If we think of this chakra as an energy manager for the whole body, many other areas can be affected and other behaviors can be displayed, such as fear, insecurity, lack of faith, among others.

How to balance the Humeral Chakra correctly

I've talked a lot about chakra balance throughout the articles I've been writing.

In all of them and in all the research I do, I can speak with authority, I have said that meditation is the best way to balance all the chakras.

  • As well as yoga exercises;
  • Correct breathing;
  • Application of stones;
  • Or even the use of colors as therapy;
  • Breathing is able to put all the chakras in their proper places at once, vibrating in the right way and discarding what is in excess.

Walking barefoot is also excellent for all the energy centers, especially those that are more connected to the earth, such as the basic chakra, which controls our energy and vitality.

Herbal baths also help to restore energy!

Choose harmonizing baths:

  • With roses;
  • That they use chamomile;
  • Lavender;
  • Star anise;
  • Boldo, pitanga, among others!

These baths can be used to wash all the chakras up to the crown, which is located in the center of the head.

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8 Tips to keep your Humeral Chakra harmonized

We mustn't forget that this chakra represents mediumship, the channel of communication with spirituality, and It is also responsible for managing the energy we receive and distributing it to all the other chakras.

So its importance is great, I couldn't say it's the only one, but it is very important for the maintenance of all the other chakras and organs in our body.

So there are ways to help you manage these energies and keep you in harmony.

1. avoid places where the energy is not good

Although we know that this chakra has the ability to transmute energies and turn them into good energies, we can't overload it with bad energies .

  • Avoid crowded places where the energies are generally confused and selfish;
  • Avoid shopping centers;
  • Streets with lots of shops;
  • Dark or poorly ventilated rooms.

These are just a few examples, although we know that some religious temples are more negative than some other places.

2. negative thoughts

Just like places, thoughts have a strong influence on the energization of our force centers. Try to keep your mind clear, get rid of worries that are excessive, only keep the worries that you can handle.

For this reason and to help ward off the bad thoughts that sap your good energy, listen to good music, meditate, breathe, walk and empty your thoughts, empty your mind and calm it down.

3. meditation

Meditation is not an easy practice to achieve, it takes a long time to get it right in our lives, but little by little it happens.

Even if you can't empty your mind during meditation, don't stop doing it. There will come a time when you'll be able to switch off anywhere, even if there's a lot of noise.

Meditation offers something to those who do it, cadenced breathing, mantras to magnetize good energies, and calm the mind.

I've been repeating myself in this regard, but this practice is excellent for balancing all the energy centers and not just one.

4. yoga

Yoga exercises, like meditation, should be started gradually. People who are very agitated and anxious find it more difficult to hold certain positions, as it's not just the body that needs to respond to the positions, but the breath.

And once again we find the breath in charge of everything, without good breathing there is no "control" of emotions or feelings, and if there is no "control" there is imbalance.

5. stress

Although there is no way to get rid of stress completely, and there are still times when we will be hit by it, the ideal is not to stay in this stress vibe for too long.

We all have bad moments throughout the day, and some we can't avoid, but what we can and should do is not stay stressed for too long.

In other words, live the stress to the last drop, and then life goes on, look ahead and allow yourself to renew, don't waste your good energy on things that won't be solved so easily.

For example, sitting in traffic for a few hours creates stress, but is there any point in being stressed or angry for a long time?

Will traffic start flowing if you get angry?


So manage the stress, listen to good music while the traffic doesn't flow, and above all breathe.

6. anger

Anger is responsible for opening "holes" in our energy field, causing all the other energy centers to work to "close" this hole.

But if you can't get rid of the anger, it won't do any good to work on all the other chakras, because the hole will remain open.

There are people who wake up angry and this is a problem that needs to be dealt with, of course we can be angry a few minutes a month, but being and staying angry every day, all day long, is wrong and could be a sign of mental illness.

If you want to stay balanced, have less anger, think about the harm it does to your health and let it resolve itself over time.

7. breathe

Even though we all breathe all the time and this is an automatic act for our survival, you have to learn to breathe to calm your mind and heart.

When you practice meditation or do yoga, your breathing is trained, but if you don't have the habit of exercising yet, the ideal is to start with your breathing, feel the air entering and cleansing all your energy centers, and when the air comes out, imagine that everything bad is being put out of your body.

A few minutes a day will help a lot and will eventually make your body perform cadenced breathing whenever you feel threatened by bad or unknown energy.

8. good habits

A good diet, drinking more water, walking, sleeping well are things that not only balance the chakras, but they give life another meaning.

Include in your new habits reading and listening to good things, moving away from people who are toxic and who only do evil, sometimes doing evil without knowing it, sucking out our good energies.

People who complain a lot or who are always talking about illness and misfortune, these toxic people people who always wait for a positive word and then go against it are people who don't seek help, they just suck up energy.

So if you can, stay away from these people, but if you can't, stay balanced while they're around, always think of a blue light that covers and protects your whole body, feel embraced by light.


In these articles where we're talking about the chakras, we've discovered that they all play an important role in the functioning of the whole, none is more important than the other.

But beyond that, we're learning to keep ourselves in balance no matter which center is out of balance, and that's a very good thing.

We need to be calmer and more patient, we are still learning how to deal with all the energies we make and receive.

But managing them is not an easy process, but I can assure you that it is possible, so whenever you feel that something or someone is going to drain your energy, try to get away from it, try to avoid it or learn to protect yourself, because in this world where everything is energy, we won't have many options.

Protecting yourself is still the best option and we've seen in this article that it's not a difficult process, all it takes is concentration and desire. Good luck to us all!

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