There are people who have strange experiences in spiritism, such as waking up and not being able to move If you've been through this, know that we're going to clear up all your doubts!

Many people report having had the frightening experience of waking up from sleep but not being able to move.

The experiences seem to be different for each person, and there may just be a feeling of not moving or other issues involved.

Among the reports, many people describe feeling a weight under their body, as if someone was sitting on them, preventing them from getting up.

Others report having visions during moments of paralysis, which are usually not pleasant, but frightening.

With that, it's natural for people to feel uncomfortable and worried and try to understand what is happening at the moment.

There is no shortage of explanations, what changes is each person's belief and which line they look at to find their answers.

While science speaks of sleep paralysis, a phenomenon that occurs in the brain and then passes on its own, spiritism explains this event differently.

When we wake up and can't move for Spiritism, it's because we're having an experience of projective catalepsy.

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According to Spiritism, what does it mean to wake up and not be able to move?

Spiritism has the concept of astral projection, which means that the spirit travels through the spirit world while the physical body is asleep.

This issue is directly involved with the sensation that happens when we wake up but can't move our bodies.

According to Spiritism, when people report being awake but can't move, it's because the physical body hasn't really woken up yet.

When our spirit travels through the spirit world It separates from the physical, leaving it to restore itself during the sleep period.

As the person gets closer to waking up, the spirit returns to the body and it becomes possible to actually wake up.

However, there are situations in which this does not happen as usual, generating what is understood as projective catalepsy.

In these situations, although the spirit has returned, it has not yet resumed contact with the physical body.

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So, even if the person feels that they are awakening, part of their spirit is not yet with them, completing them.

This makes them feel powerless, unable to move their limbs and sometimes frightened.

It is in these situations that many people report seeing visions in the environment or feeling that there is something near them.

This is often the case, who is watching his own spirit coming back to his body .

Since part of you is still in the spiritual world, it becomes easier to be open and notice energies in the environment other than your own.

In this way, immediately having this experience is not necessarily a reason to fear, but rather to seek to understand spiritual matters more.

Should I worry when this happens?

At first, waking up and not being able to move is nothing to worry about .

This tranquillity can be maintained to the extent that the experience doesn't bring you any bad feelings beyond the question of immobility.

There are different situations in these cases in which it becomes important to open your attention and concern yourself with your spiritual health.

If, during this event of waking up but not moving, you have visions that frighten you and, above all, if you feel pressure on your chest, you need to be careful.

During those moments when you are in projective catalepsy, i.e. as a semi-projection of your spirit, you become spiritually fragile.

In the spirit world, there are so-called astral vampires which are entities that depend on the energy of living beings to keep themselves whole.

They are called vampires because of their ability to suck the energy out of others, which doesn't tend to be pleasant.

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This type of entity is the cause of the sensation of something under your chest, because this is how they take advantage of the fragility of semi-projection.

At these times, they may take the opportunity to draw on your energy for them, which makes you feel pressure in the chest area.

Even though it's possible to feel them as if the touch were physical, what happens is an exchange of spiritual energy It's like an electric sensation.

These situations are not good for your health, as they weaken you spiritually and, consequently, physically.

What can I do when this happens to me?

The best way to protect yourself spiritually is through prayer as a form of remedy or precaution.

When you wake up and can't move, it's always important to try to keep your focus on positive things.

It's understandable that this kind of situation can be frightening, causing worry and fear in those who experience it, but it has to be faced.

Don't let your spiritual energy be taken away from you, try to fight for what's important to you through spiritual upliftment.

If you're going through something similar, try to focus on a prayer, on asking for help and protection at that moment, in order to feel supported in coping with what's needed.

Furthermore, it is essential that you deal with this type of situation through constant practices of spiritual growth, such as:

  • Elevate your mind and spirit by always saying a prayer before going to sleep;
  • Try to act in a spiritually elevated way, by forgiving, not holding grudges and resolving your conflicts;
  • Work on your principles for good, taking kind, charitable actions towards other people and yourself;

Protecting yourself from something like this is more than trying to remedy the situation if it brings you fear, it's trying to always keep yourself well in spiritual matters.

So, in general, it's not a difficult task, but something you have to work at every day, trying to do your best for yourself, others and the world around you .


The experience of spiritual catalepsy is definitely not a pleasant one because it brings a new sensation that takes you out of control.

So it's something that can cause a great deal of fear and curiosity in a wide variety of people.

Although it may not represent a danger in your life, as a result of spiritual journeys, you need to be careful.

Even if you haven't experienced something similar, it's important to always seek spiritual upliftment, protecting yourself from what might try to harm you.

So, do you know the meaning of waking up and not being able to move in spiritism? We're waiting for your report in the comments below!

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